Friday, August 8, 2008

The procrastinating over achievers vacation

Tomorrow we are headed to the beach. While I would love to say I am so excited about my relaxing beach vacation, the opposite is true. I am dreading it, what seems relaxing about 2 tikes 2 and under at the beach? Not to mention we are in a small condo with lots of folks. Schedules what schedules? But I am really excited to see the kids playing in the surf and sand. That will make the rest worth it, I only kid about the dreading, well mostly kid!

So we are leaving in less than 12 hours and I haven't gotten it very together yet. I am normally very Type A- when it comes to this, but since having kids, I am starting to struggle with being Type C+. I mean all week now, I knew I should be gathering things together and making lists, that is what my former self would do. That is what I did with Meredith, but now with 2 tikes, I just roll with it. Things are funny that way. I have so much more to pack, but yet I waited until 8pm tonight to start. And I over packed, wow did I over pack.

The kids started out by sharing a small suitcase, but their stuff wouldn't fit so it overflowed into Josh and I's shared suitcase. But once I started putting my entire closet into the suitcase, there was no room for Josh's clothes. We are only going for 3 nights......3 nights and 3 suitcases. One very large, one large and one medium/small suitcase. So that means my little family has to wear and entire suitcase full of clothes every day.

I didn't even fit our shoes in the suitcases, I have a separate bag for that. Plus a toiletry and makeup bag, both of which I made a post it not to forget. So yes each day we have to wake up and wear a suitcase full of clothes. We should have a new outfit for every few hours. My husband justified my excessive packing by saying "You never know what you need for the beach." Ummmm a bathing suit right?

Now we are finished our packing, I know record breaking 2 hours and hopefully we have everything we need. Luckily every city in America has one of the stores that I absolutely hate to shop at, but has everything you need none the less.

I also won't be blogging on my vacation, my laptop died. It was dropped well over a dozen times and finally bit the dust, that or caught a mean ass virus because I ignored all those pain in the ass warnings saying my anti-virus subscription ran out and I could click three different things to ignore the warning every time I logged on and that is what I did. It was much easier than actually renewing the subscription. Anyway it is cheaper to get a new laptop than replace the old one.

So unfortunately I will be gone for a few days, not unfortunate for you Internet, I'm sure you will get along just fine without me. I on the other hand will be having major withdrawals! But yes I suppose the heat and sand will make up for it! Here is to a good time.

I will be sure to bombard you all with beach pictures when I return!

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Anonymous said...

Don't be jealous. Don't be jealous. Don't be jealous. Damn...I'm jealous. Have fun. I'm laughing at the over-packing. I do the same thing. I've always over-packed. Now I love having kids as an excuse to bring all of the crap I can't seem to part with in my life.