Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back up and running

2 tikes under 2 is now back up and running, see Noah with his running shoes on! We took a brief hiatus to chew our fingernails and worry ourselves sick over Hurricane Gustav, but now we are slowly returning back to normal. We had no damage and our family has minimal we were told. Lots of them are still here in Mississippi, but expected to return home in the next few days. New Orleans was definitely spared and did not see the damage they saw with Katrina, thank goodness. Let's just hope that hurricane Ike and tropical depression Josephine, stay far, far away!

My mom has been the most gracious hurricane hostess and I hope those that took refuge there are extremely appreciative. I don't think she would have gotten the same hospitality that she gave. That is my mom and dad though, very generous people.

She housed over 12 people and 10 dogs, yes there is a place in heaven for her one day.

Meredith doesn't have school today and our evacuees headed out bright and early. Josh went in to work and so it is just me and kids. And of course Brownie and the rain! We are ready for some sunshine!


Unknown said...

Your Mom and Dad are two VERY special people. Sure hope they are rewarded, for their kindness, one day.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Glad to hear everything went okay! Sounds like you had a packed house over there. :-)

Mmmommy said...

So glad to hear things weren't as bad as they predicted. I haven't been able to check the news but I'm praying it was like that all the way around this nasty storm.

Ok so I wanted to ask:
Does Noah's hair naturally mohawk itself or do you guys do it cause it is WAY cute!!

mandi said...

Thanks ladies for checking in. We did have a very packed house, my mom still does. They are all still there. And Yes Mrs. Polly they are very special indeed!

Kmommy said...

That was super kind of your mom! Glad to hear that you didn't have any damage! Yay!