Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm not an overachiever I just try to be

What are these you may ask.......why they are cheese muffins. Why did I make so many and put them in a cute Tupperware.....because it is Meredith's turn to bring the snack tomorrow.

She also gets to be the line leader, bring a book to share at snack time, and be the teacher's helper tomorrow. I'm so giddy I could scream with glee. Because tomorrow is also my first day of bringing the snack. I can't wait. I made these muffins from scratch, just like Bree would. I am trying so hard, I have to make up for the fact that I forgot to send her money for the weekly reader last week and she didn't get one. So yes, they are from scratch and were super easy.
However I made several dozen of them, because I am truly trying to be the over-achiever....and I did forget the money. Notice I only needed to make a snack for 8 children...see below. I probably could feed the whole 2 year old preschool program with the amount of muffins I made. Do you think this will make up for forgetting the weekly reader money? Tell me it will.
See how easy, just throw some ingredients ina bowl. All that cheesy goodness and mix it up real good and then.... throw it in the oven!
I made 48 muffins, not sure why. I really don't think 8 kids can or should eat 48 muffins, so I snacked on a few. Sent 24 for the kids and put 12 in a bag for Mrs. Jenny to bring home. I am pretty sure by tomorrow she will have forgotten all about how Meredith's mom did not send the weekly reader money last week. Oh yeah I got this one in the bag.
Meredith I did go all out for this first snack duty of ours. I am trying to be the bestest mom possible. Please forgive me when I screw up, I will, but remember I am always trying my best. Love you kiddo!


Jess said...

Haha! Good job, Momma!

mandi said...

thank ya! you should try them they are delish!