Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh Brownie

Today Brown started off as a really bad day, I thought about giving you away or dropping you off at the kennel.....something....anything. I will admit your habits of opening pantries and cabinets to eat whatever you please is very annoying. Especially when there is no bread to make a sandwich and I don't really feel like driving to the grocery. Today you ate 1/2 bag of buns, there were about 12 originally, you left me 6. I guess as Meredith would say your "belly was full." Seriously your helping yourself habit is driving me nuts.

That was not the thing that put me over the edge today, you truly eat something that you help yourself to on a daily basis. No, I am not kidding. And the fact that you drink out of the toilet, despite having a bowl of fresh water is not what did me in either. No the driving point today was the lack of pooping in the correct location. I'm not talking about a certain area of the yard or on the neighbors yard, I am talking about the house. You have been house trained for 4 years now, if not more. It was no easy feat, but we survived and accomplished the task and that was when I knew I loved you.

Today though, today you tested my patience to the farthest limits. I was home all morning and you pooped on the floor. What the hell Brown? I mean, I tried to let you out to potty three times before I left. I was only gone an hour and when I came home I found poop, on the floor, the brown floor no less! Seriously, do we need to buy potty prizes for you too?

So yes today was the day I was seriously considering giving you away.... I mean I have my hands full lately. I just got down to one kiddo in diapers I was not going back to two. At least not yet!

And just when I thought you had driven me to the furthest extreme.... you went ahead and melted my heart. Tonight it was just me and the kiddos. As usual you protectively followed us around and helped me with corralling the kids up the stairs to get ready for their bed and bath time. And then you did what you do best, you were the world's greatest dog.

You laid on the floor in Noah's room while Meredith played with your ears and tried to put a pony tail holder on them. While Noah, being such a boy, pulled all the dog hair off your ass by the fistfuls. Well not your ass literally but that general region. Yes it totally grossed me out and I moved him several times, but he just crawled right back to that end and started grabbing hair of your hind legs and pulling at your tail. After several unsuccessful attempts at giving you a pony tail, Meredith started pulling at your nails on your front paw, which you hate by the way, and talking about painting you fingers and such. And you just laid there and let it all happen. They were being your aggravating little brother and sister and you were okay with that.

They were tormenting you to no end and fully enjoying it and you let them. You didn't attempt to move, you didn't growl or pull away, you just laid there and let them. At one point they both had their head on you laying with you peacefully, Meredith on your belly and Noah on your butt and that is right about when Meredith crawled up to your ear and lifted it up and screamed "WAKE UP BOWNIE!"

You being you, just lifted your head looked at her with those big brown eyes of yours and laid back down. All was well with you, you were surrounded by the kiddos you are completely jealous and depressed over, but the ones you love more than anything and would die to protect. Yeah I guess we'll let you hang around. But if you are going to poop inside, learn to use the toilet and not drink out of it!


Mmmommy said...

Nothing, nothing, NOTHING better than a lab. I miss mine. :(

Kmommy said...

Oh Dogs... sometimes its so easy to forgive their mistakes :) especially when they are so darn awesome with the kids!

Blair said...

Labs rule! Period.