Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The rain can make you do crazy things

So yesterday Katey and I decided that our children, who were bouncing off the walls from being confined to the house for too many days in a row, needed some fresh air. The only problem was South Mississippi looked like a big swamp land and the rain was still coming down by the bucket fulls. We decided to meet at our local chick fil la and so did every other mom looking to get her kids out the house. The place was packed. So packed that Meredith was very intimidated and wouldn't play. So we decided to head out and go to the bookstore. We got in our car and drove one strip mall over and that is when the heavens unleashed its fury. We sat there and texted one another debating whether to go in. I mean we were under flash flood warnings. Did that deter us? No way! I got my two kids out of car seats and headed across the parking lot into the store. I thought about running, but I was holding a toddler's hand and carrying a 9 month old. Let me tell you about 2 year olds walking in a rain, they don't walk very fast. And even if she did I wasn't capable of running while holding her hand and carrying my little sumo wrestler.

By the time we made it inside we were drenched. The entire store was looking at us like we each had a second head. I wanted to scream, do you know what happens to 2 year olds who haven't seen anything besides their home for 4 days.....they go crazy and so do their mommas! So we headed our sopping wet bodies to the kids section. That is when Meredith said she needed to potty...of course. I have no stroller, I am carrying Noah, we are all drenched, Noah's faux-hawk is now a dripping mess.....of course she needs to potty.

We walk in the restroom to find other bookstore patrons drying off their clothing with the VERY LOUD dryer thing. Meredith couldn't potty, it was "TO LOUD MOMMA!" I bet you had no clue two year olds couldn't potty with loud noises, of course they can't. We were in the bathroom with me bribing and pleading and reassuring for about two minutes when in walked my crazy friend Katey. She had her three year old by the hand and her 7 month old on her hip and they were also in need of a potty break.....of course. It was right then that I had my epiphany....Katey and I were made for one another. I don't know anyone else who would brave the extreme thunder storms and tornado warnings to hang out with us in a bookstore.

We are normally quite sane, it must have been the rain.


Adalyn's World Views said...

I don't know if you could say we are usually normal. That may be a stretch.

mandi said...

True, we are semi-normal most days....well close to semi-normal right?