Monday, September 29, 2008

What she says....overheard

"Its otay baby, don't cwry!"

"Its otay, I know momma and no-wee are sca-wry it's okay"

"Shhh, Mizzie make it all better!"


"Daddy I want some apples"

"Alright I will cut you up some"

"Mmmm, dese are good"

"Can I have one?"

"Uh-huh, dis one"

"Which one can I have now?"

looking them over "none, I'm gonna eat dem all"


"Bubby doodle did you have a good nap?"

"did you have a good nap, bubby doo?"

"good boy, son! I'm impwessed!"


The Owen Family said...

I just loooooooove her!!!!!! I swear she is the cutest thing ever!!! I can't believe you can actually have such a great conversation with a 2 year old!! When I was there the other day, it was like talking to 4 year old or something. I cannot wait until Logan and I can have cute conversations like that!!! She is soooo cute!!!!!! love her!!!!

laurie said...

Man do you remember "don't cry baby Momma's comming?"

Lindsey said...

So smart! She must get it from her Aunt Lindsey

mandi said...

She is a smarty Laura, the perfect girlfriend for Little Lo Lo one day!

I do remember that mom! she is just like me what can I say!

Lindz she definitely gets it from her Aunt In-see!