Sunday, September 28, 2008

What she says....somedays she blows my socks off

This weekend has been rough, really rough. But today things are better, the kiddos are on the mend and my father-in-law went home a day early. I guess he realized how exhausted we were with two cranky kids who weren't feeling well and how what we really needed was sleep and not a house guest. So he had a short and sweet visit. Anyway in the midst of the craziness, my two year old really shocked me with things that came out of her mouth this weekend.....

Poppy Greg had brought them presents. Noah was indifferent about his and just wanted the paper and box. Meredith loved hers even thought it was a little old for her. It was a type of handheld electronic alphabet thing. She loved it. While he was filming and Noah and I were opening his gift, Meredith marched right over to him and said unprompted...

"thank you poppy."

I was shocked and proud of her and of Josh and I. Most days we have no clue what we are doing, but that comment made by her own volition really shows me we are doing something right.


Today I was in Josh's office catching up on blogs when Meredith walked in....

"Mommy look at my cup" there were two stacked together and one had a lid on it and she was drinking

"I see you have two cups, how silly"

"Yep, this one (pointing to the bottom cup) is like a twrundle"

"Like a trundle?"

"Yep a trundle like my bed"

And she is right, it was under the other cup, like her trundle bed is under her bed. Her vocabulary is amazing, I know this, but some days it really blows my socks off!


Jaimie said...

It's so funny what they come up with. Everyday it's something different. I hope they feel better soon. Taylor has had that before and it stinks!

mandi said...

thanks J! They are much better already, even went to school today, well M did!