Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Women

If you get the chance to grab some girl friends and see "The Women" than do it! I went last night with some friends and it was great. A real girly flick, one you definitely have to see with women and one every woman should see. The whole theatre was laughing out loud, well except for then one man that was dragged there by his significant other. He didn't laugh or even watch the show, he texted throughout the whole movie. I felt bad for him. But it was a really great movie and there was not one man in it, it just proves that women can run this country without men. Okay so it doesn't do that, but women so could run the country....absolutely could.

My kids also had a great time, Miss Carrie came to watch them since Josh was on call. Meredith told me she had so much fun with Miss Carrie and was looking for her this morning. She was heartbroken when I told her Carrie went home last night. I'm hoping Carrie had fun too. Neither tike cried when I left last night and they were both peacefully asleep when I got home. Carrie was amazed how easily they went to bed, me too. I know they normally do that for me, but sometimes they give other people trouble. However they did great, which means Josh and I will be getting some more date nights in soon!

Well have a great Saturday, I just sent Josh and the kids to pick up some fast food breakfast while I chill in my's shaping up to be a great Saturday.

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