Friday, October 3, 2008

A day in my life...

So it's been a while now that the kids have been sick....very sick. This morning we were 24 hours free of vomiting and fevers and everything else. The tikes had a decent night sleep and I thought we were ready to go. So I made plans to pick up doughnuts for a snack, run some errands, visit daddy's work, and then head to lunch with some friends. We all got dressed and then we started out on our day.

We were approximately 3 miles from the house all dressed up and strapped in our car seats when Meredith said...

"Mommy, my teeth are coming out!"


"Mommy, my teeth are coming out!!!" and she was holding her mouth

"Baby do you need to spit?" our new word for throwing up

"Yes Mommy!"

I pulled the car into the parking lot of the doughnut establishment and jumped out running around to her side of the car and as I opened the door holy hell broke loose. It was everywhere, the car seat, the floor, every piece of her clothing and mine. So I took her out and stripped her down in the parking lot and all the while she was crying "But mommy are we gonna get donuts?"

She was standing butt naked in the parking lot of Krispy Kreme crying for doughnuts. Really? This is my life.

So I put her in the car seat naked and headed through the drive thru to get the donut, knowing full well in two hours I would be cleaning it up too. Noah was just laughing and smiling. And I picked up the phone and called my husband to let him know my latest Krispy Kreme parking lot experience, which was vastly different from this one, but crazy none the less. So I call him and ask if he thinks I should head home to dress her or if I could get away with running one errand quickly. I really did consider it, hell she had a donut and was just fine. In the end I came home, I guess that was the best thing to do. Wish us get well vibes, going on over a week. We are headed back to the pediatric clinic today, hopefully this bug will be long gone soon.

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Shannon said...

You win! That has got to be the most horrific tale, I've heard in a while. Hope everyone's well again VERY soon!