Friday, October 3, 2008

Am I not beautiful

With every passing day you are changing more and more. You are growing from a baby into a toddler and what a precious little man you are. You are going to give me a run for the money. At the tender age of 10 months old you know what you want and are determined to get it. Nothing stands in your way, pretty soon you will be scaling the walls.
You favorite things to do lately are to torment you sister, which she hates and to give me a shower of whatever you are drinking. Both of these activities bring a huge smile to your face. I have also had to unplug the lamp in the living room for fear of you pulling it down on yourself. You are still my pacifier baby and will crawl over and not even think twice about taking your sisters out of her mouth, even I won't do that. You love your walker, you think it gives you freedom to go wherever you please. And you do, you roam the house from room to room in it. You can get anywhere in that bulky thing, it is amazing. You even run away from me in it like a game of chase.
You still have the bluest eyes and biggest smile, but you looks are constantly changing. You are growing like a weed, especially your feet. You grew over a shoe size in a month. There is always a smile on your face, even when you are sick or upset or crying. You love to sing "Itsy bitsy spider" it is definitely your favorite and you really love it when your big sister sings it to you.
Through and through you are a momma's boy, I think your daddy is a little jealous. That is okay though, I love it!
You are very laid back and go with the flow. I say all the time what a great baby you are and you are constantly reminding me of that. You are begining to show us how fiercely independent you want to be and how very different you are from your sister. Different like night and day. You are determined to grab the spoon away to feed yourself, determined to get down and walk even when you don't know how, determined to grow up so fast.
You amaze me Noah and have shown me how to grow a second heart and love someone completely all over again. You are a beautiful baby and have a beautiful spirit about you, don't ever change.
Love you,

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beautiful picture!