Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey Love

"Hey Love" is an expression I often use in our home. I use "love" to refer to Josh, Meredith and Noah, all the time. I wasn't sure how often I said it until my little parakeet brought it to my attention. On any given day you will here Meredith say the following things...

"Hey Love, are we going to school today?"

"Hey Love, you wready? Love, you wready?"

"Hey Love....LOVE...are you wready to eat?"

"LOVE is dinner wready?"

"Hey Love, les go! Les go Love!"

Since Meredith has built it in to her daily vocabulary, I started to take notice how often I use it and it is pretty often. It's funny what your kids pick up, I'm glad she picked up such a sweet term of endearment!

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