Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What she says....Random and reported

"Mommy go dis way!"

"No bug, we have to go this way to school."

"No school momma, dis way."

"Momma no school my teeth are coming out!" her code for throwing up

"Your teeth are not coming out and you are going to school"

"Momma no school....I need to spit" her other code for throwing up

"You do not need to spit and you are going to school"

"Momma my belly hurts.....momma I need to eat lunch....momma no school"

"Bug you are going to school today, your belly is fine, it isn't time for lunch and yes you are going to school"

"Momma be right back to pick me up"



Reported by Mrs. Jenny

"How did Meredith do today?"

"Well she had a rough start, she came in crying"

"Yeah she was crying when they got her out the car in car pool"

"Yeah she cried for a few minutes then she put her arms in the air and said 'I stop cwying now' and then she stopped"


"Yep after that she had a pretty good day"


"No-wee you are da bwudda and I am da sista okay.....okay?"


in the car


"Momma was wong? Was wong momma?"

"Momma almost hit the back of Mrs. Katey's car"


"Good call, Mrs. Katey might have even heard you bug!"


in the car on the way home from school

"Hey bug did you have fun at school?"

"Yeah momma, I did have fun!"

"Good bug, what did you do today?"

"Played and momma.......I'm gonna kick your ass!"


"I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"Where did you learn that? Who taught you that?"

"Mrs. Jenny momma"

"Mrs. Jenny did not teach you that"

"Momma, Andrew say dat and Mrs. Jenny said NO, NO Andrew....go to timeout!"


a conversation between me and the dad

"So what do you think about what Meredith learned at school today?"

"Yeah I was pretty sure she would be the one teaching the other kids that language"


"You gonna talk to the teacher?"

"Not, yet, let's see what else she learns"


"Momma I'm getting old!"


while counting her fingers

"Momma we going to Dis-nee Worl"

"Yep bug we are in 5 days"

"Momma we gotta pack, we gotta get stuff, we gotta get in the car, we gotta buckle and then we there"

"Yep we gotta do all those things including get on a plane and pay of the visa!"


On her way home from school today with Mimi in the car

"Look momma, Mimi's here!"

"I know bug, she's back from New York"

Mimi says "Hey my girl I missed you! Did you miss Mimi!"

"Mimi you back fwom York? Yay Mimi's home!"

Mimi says "I'm back and I missed you so much.....Did you have fun at school"

"Mimi, Mimi......I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Mimi says to Mommy..."What did she say?"

"I'm gonna kick your ass!" coming repeatedly from the back seat

"Yeah she is saying what you think she is saying. She learned it at school last week, she said Andrew said it, who knows. We are trying to discourage it by ignoring it see how well that is working"

"I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!" chuckle, chuckle!

"Meredith that is not nice, Mickey will not let you go to his castle if you say that."

"Why not mommy?"

"Because he does not think it is very nice! It is a bad word......mimi laughing.....I swear she did not get it from me, we are more of a 'I'm gonna bust your butt' kind of family"

getting dressed for school this morning

"Here bug, put on your pants"

"Momma dey so cute!"

"They are cute, I love them, now put on the shirt"


"Meredith it matches the pants, you have to put it on."


"It is not ugly it matches the pants, see, the same as the pants that are so cute"

(the shirt and pants are made out of the same orange and white polkadot material)

looks at it for a moment "No momma (sobbing) I no like it, I wear dis one, I no like dat one. I wear dis one"

"Bug that is a plain white shirt to go under this one see, here put this one on top like this"

"NOOOOO I NO LIKE IT!" ripping off the orange top

"Fine where the white one, that's fine"

"See momma I look cute!"

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