Saturday, October 25, 2008

If I could describe Disney in two words or less I would have to say...


That was one of the many highlights of our week. Yes, we are back. Got in today about 4 o'clock and while we had one of the best vacations ever, I am happy to be home. I am not so sure that our two year old is. In fact as our motor coach was pulling away from our resort my baby cried, "I'm gonna miss my hoe-tel momma!.....I'm gonna miss Mickey and Minnie and all my friends." We even shared a tear as we pulled away.

The trip was awesome, more than I could have ever wished for. It was amazing to see the magic in Meredith's eyes. And while Noah wasn't exactly enthralled with Disney I was so happy he was near, it would have been so hard to leave him behind for a week. Josh and I are extremely appreciative of my mom who was our third set of hands this week. Thanks for coming with us and helping out so much with the kiddos. My mom spent a lot of time this week with Noah and we are so appreciative that you did that for us.

Disney was awesome and Meredith was the perfect age for it. She loved everything about it. The tea cups, the fireworks, the characters, the princesses, the rides, she even rode a roller coaster and the haunted mansion ride. By the end of the week her and Cinderella were on a first name basis. She has her autograph book full of autographs and hugged and kissed everyone of them. Meredith grew up a lot this trip and she was so much fun and a little trooper.

Noah was less than enthused with Disney. He did love all the junk food he got, he also loved being rocked to sleep every night by his Mimi. He loved all the one on one attention and the attention he got from everyone. He is one of the most laid back, easy going babies I know. People throughout the park stopped to tell me how beautiful and how sweet and gorgeous his smile was. He learned a few things on vacation as well. He stood for a few seconds by himself and is now cruising everywhere. I can't wait for the little man to start walking.

I too have learned a lot this week and I will share all the details.....okay not all the details, but some with you throughout the next week. As well as pictures. I probably took close to 500 pictures so when I weed through I will share some too.

Well I'm exhausted, so off to bed. We are back and we are all in one piece and happy to be home. Although I'm with Meredith I do miss it so much. I told Josh I am already planning our next trip which will be right before Noah turns 3....did you know kids under 3 get in free? They do. I have lots of other tips too. Anyway I will start planning that trip soon, there just may be a baby Maksi #3 to think about by then.


Olivia said...

Hey, welcome home! I thought about ya'll this week and hoped it was going well. this report gives me courage to consider bringing my yahoos. what baby 3????

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Wow, my husband has been begging me for weeks to take a vacation there next month but I'm so hesitant to go being very pregnant and our youngest is 16 months. Do you think she would still enjoy it?

mandi said...

Let me clarify! There is no baby #3 yet!!! I just think there might be by our next trip.....and that is might....we will see what the good Lord thinks!

3 kids I definitely think she will enjoy it. I think it Noah was a tad bit older or walking he would have too. he is only 11 months. He could have gotten so much more if he was a few months older. A few months at their age is a huge difference. My advice is GO...GO...GO! There were no lines the longest wait was 30 minutes and that was mainly to meet the characters. We would go next year by my visa doesn't think that is a great idea!!!

Angela said...

I'm glad the trip was fun...and 500 pictures to remember it by! Yay. Have fun editing those!

Shannon said...

I had the same thought as the others..."Baby #3?!" I'm glad the trip went well and left everyone with wonderful memories!