Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Picnic

I promised the kiddo a picnic and she was thrilled, but she wanted her daddy to be there too. Since he was on call, we brought the picnic to him. Now that is service!

Opening the blanket Mom....put that camera down and pick me up!

Taking our shoes off for the picnic....her idea not mine....she can find any reason to take her shoes off.
Setting it all out.
An impromptu cheering session during the picnic.
I was there too!
And here are my two....the one is pink is full of personality.....the one is green is going to be full of hell!


Caryn said...

you know I have to comment on Noah's socks!! You were waiting on it weren't you? Come on girl...get that cutie some matching socks! You know that i love you, that's why I'm messing with you!!

mandi said...

I thought of you as we were running out the door. he went to the walmart, Josh's office and the mall like that! I thought of you all day. I did buy him lots of socks at Walmart!!!

Jaimie said...

That's so cute!

Caryn said...

That's eye started twitching when I saw the socks...of course that doesn't take any cutie pie points away from him! And his big sister is pretty darn cute too!!