Sunday, October 12, 2008

To sum up my weekend an actual email I sent out tonight

Okay girls!

I made really cute invitations to our annual halloween bash for this year and put them all in envelopes. I started addressing them with the addresses I knew and then left half with only a name until I got the rest. I put stamps on a few and return address labels on all of them, but on the wrong side. I put them in a pile next to my address book to finish on Saturday when I got a minute, but I couldn't find them.

Tonight I asked my husband if he saw them and he informed me he put them in the mail. So some of you may get them, some of you may not.

Here is who I know won' and so, so and so, and so and so.... I know I didn't have your addresses...the rest may or may not. He thinks it's hysterical, he didn't take the time to print and cut invites and then put them in envelopes. With the holly fair this week and disney I don't know if i will get them out in time so I will tell you all the details and attach a cyber copy!

Halloween Night October 31st
4:30 until!
my address

Regrets Only!

If I get a minute I will drop another in the mail, but no promises!


Yes I sent this out tonight to some friends the conversation prior to the email went like this....

"Honey, do you know where the Halloween invitations went?"

"Yeah...I mailed them like you said"


"Yeah, you told me too"

"I told you to mail invitations that I knew weren't fully addressed"

"Yep, you put them in a pile next to the other stuff to be mailed and said mail these"

"I did, I specifically said mail these invitations that I know full well weren't addressed...that's what I said?"

"Well no, but that is what I understood."


"Hey is it really the worse thing in the world."

Men....I've been asking for shelves in the playroom for months.....guess he didn't understand that!

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