Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Birthday

I am truly a fan of the birthday week, hell I even believe in the birthday month, but I won't push it. Anyway I think the whole week should be special and it is. So Noah, enjoy your birthday week. Yesterday morning on his actualy birthday we had his Mommy and Me party. We all went to celebrate including Meredith, Mimi and Daddy.

Here is how I brought my children to Mommy and Me, nice and clean!A rare moment, Meredith helping Noah with a bottle. Awe!
Singing Happy Birthday, Noah you really didn't enjoy the song too much, you just wanted the darn cake. Really wanted it...
You are so heartbroken that you just can't eat it.....Why are you people singing....just let me eat my cake!!!!
Right here you aren't heart broken, you are just pissed off. LET ME EAT CAKE DAMMIT!
This is why you love Mimi best, she just let you eat cake and get her all dirty. Look how exhausted you are from all that screaming!Now you are much happier!Even your buddy Burke was there to celebrate....Isn't my godchild very cute!
This is all the others babies in mommy and me. Or you and Burkes two were the only boys that day!

Much happier now that Daddy is here and your belly is full of cake. I have to say Sorry to my lovely husband again. He stayed up late baking the cupcakes for the party today and I didn't even wait for him to sing. My two year old was being a real pill because she didn't want to wait to eat cake she WANTED IT RIGHT NOW DAMMIT! And well Noah had missed his morning nap and snack and things were headed south and quick. Sorry sweetheart, but thanks for taking the time to come...I really appreciate it and I am sure Noah will one day too!Daddy's little man

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