Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Birthday Part 2

The night of your birthday I made you your favorite dinner and we had Mimi and Poppa over to celebrate. We started by opening presents, because cake was after dinner and I was pretty sure after cake, you would go straight to a bath and I was right.

Wow, presents too! I love birthdays! You are sitting in your rocking chair that Daddy and I got for you. You love it, in the morning you crawl right over to it and climb in. You also push it against the coffee table to use it as a latter to crawl onto the coffee table. My little boy!
Awe Sweet sister, biting your head off! Overall she handled your birthday better than I thought she would.
Ummm my new truck from Mimi or my rocker from Mom and Dad...tough decisions!

I love my new truck!

Happy Birthday to you! We would not have a repeat episode of this morning, you were determined to taste some before we sang!
Really freaked out by the fire.
More freaked out by the candle itself.
Cake....finally cake....we are starting to get the drift....cake first then singing.
You literally dove right in! Good thing you had your fork!
Making sure you get every last drop of sugar off before you grabbed more cake!
You were getting serious, the fork had to go....double fisting!
Now this is more like it....happy birthday Noah!
Loving your birthday cake!
You ate the entire piece, I kid you not! And when we took it away you cleaned the fork too!

Happy Birthday Noah man....your party is Saturday....know what that means....MORE CAKE!

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