Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast at school

Here is the home-made Indian costume.....thanks Julia for all your help! Meredith would have gone as a bag lady without your help!
My cowboy and my Indian! See the cowboy shirt...real clever I know.
This Indian is sick of taking pictures and wants to go to school to the party! Suck it up Meredith, this is my first school party too and I want pictures. Also notice the cute little Indian purse I made.....move over Martha!I talked her into one more before we went in. A classroom full of Indians.....waiting for the party. Yes, there are a ton of pictures bare with me, it was very exciting and I couldn't contain myself!So tired from a full day of playing....and soooo hungry.

All the little Indians enjoying a Thanksgiving feast. They were all so quiet because they skipped their snack time so they were starving!

The cutest little Indian girl....of course I am biased.
Aren't they so cute!
Telling her dad to step away....don't embarrass me dad!
Chowing down.

I love this picture, I love how it shows how happy she is at her school. I love her school and what it has done for her.
Notice my little Indian cleaned her entire plate and yes, she asked for more. There were chicken nuggets, Cheetos, fruit and a cookie she is finishing. She asked for more fruit and nuggets, she really didn't want the cookie....I have to say I am proud.
Notice the clean plate and the little stuffed Indian.
Meredith and Mrs. Jenny with her little friend Ella!

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Julia said...

that is one in-style indian! it came out SO CUTE!!!! love the purse!