Thursday, December 25, 2008

An adventure called Christmas

Christmas this year has been a little unusual for us. We are spending a quiet day at home alone. Although I enjoy the quiet time with my little family, I miss the chaotic norm of Christmas with my family. Unfortunately we weren't able to make the drive this year to Nola, even though our dishes were prepared, gifts packed and outfits ironed and ready. At midnight last night just as we heard Santa's sleigh leaving the rooftop, our baby tike was up screaming.

He wasn't crying, he was screaming. For 3 hours he screamed, which sent this momma into a panic. After a call to the pediatrician's office with no luck, Josh put a call into a friend who was working at the ER around 2am.....Laura tell Robert thank you for easing my worries.

We decided to keep him home and he finally passed out around 3am. At 5am my baby was back up and screaming, so we rocked him and cuddled him and at 7am we noticed his ear was running like a faucet so we called his pediatrician again and he suggested we take him to the ER so we did. They found nothing at the ER. He finally settled down for a nap around 10am. Mimi and Poppa then headed out with our dishes and gifts for our family in Nola.

We have since talked to Noah's ENT and are giving him pain relief drops and antibiotic drops for his ear infection that the ER doctor missed. Noah is better now, but still not Noah and Meredith is having a ball playing with her toys. They aren't old enough yet to realize the fun they are missing with our chaotic family Christmas, we will be there next year with bells on.

Here is hoping you and yours has a very Merry Christmas, ours is started to look better now that my littlest tike has a smile on his face.

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Blair said...

Damn ER docs! Sorry it happened to you too, but it makes me feel some what better about them missing Frannie's ear infection!

Merry Christmas!