Sunday, December 7, 2008

From under the laundry pile...

So not too long ago I promised to catch up on laundry....well that is easier said than done when you are weeks behind. The past few days I was cursing the fact that my children were outgrowing their clothing so fast....seriously....then I realized they weren't. Their drawers are scarce because EVERYTHING is dirty. I mean everything. Tonight we started and the tasks was rather daunting. We threw the clean laundry that piled up on the dining room table and started on the mountains of dirty laundry. Then we popped in the Raffi Christmas CD and gathered round the table to sing carols while we folded. Life is good. Even Meredith and Noah got in on the folding action. After three loads I was pooped, so I started the bed time routine and now I am taking a break. Baby steps right. I mean I am so overwhelmed by the sight of this house and the things that need taking care of that I can't focus, I just start to sweat and feel light headed. I have a solution in that I am trying to talk my lackadaisical self into becoming a Type A personality over night. I am fairly confident that if that were to happen, life would be easy or easier.

Well I am off to bed, surely I will need all the energy I can muster for tomorrows laundry tasks.


jennlagdavis said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Let me know if you figure out a way to become a Type A - I'd love to know! :)

Blair said...

I feel ya!

Let me know how that Type A thing works out...I am pretty sure they can't cut it as stay-at-home moms! It is too overwhelming for them!

Or is that just what I tell myself to not feel bad about the state of my house?

Amy said...

Speaking as a self proclaimed Type A personality I would wish it upon no one! I am way too anal about having the house in order that I make myself totally crazy...I should learn how to relax and not let dishes in the sink totally make me crazy!!!

And yes Blair, you are right. I don't think I could hack it at home all day! That truly is the toughest job in the world! God bless ya'll:)