Friday, December 5, 2008

The present

The other day I got Meredith's monthly tuition statement home from her preschool. In addition to the normal fee there was another $8 dollar fee for materials used to make the parents a Christmas gift. I was so excited, so I had to ask.

"Meredith are you making Mommy and Daddy a Christmas present?"

Her eyes got so bright with excitement and she replied using her arms as she talked...

"YES! Yes mommy....I'm making a prise for you and daddy....and...and it's so big and so.... (insert jargon).... and its gonna be wrapped and so you can't see it .....and.....and.....shhh! its a prise......and....and its a picture frame!"

So I am not sure that I totally ruined it or that it is a picture frame, but I am thrilled to receive it and thrilled that she was so excited about it and totally bummed that I just pulled the words right out of her mouth. I guess she has a big mouth like her momma! I'll let you all know if it is indeed a picture frame.

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