Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just a typical Thursday snow ball fight

Sure it is just a typical Thursday morning here in the burg! Snow ball fights, cardboard sled riding, snow angels, and pizza. Yes, a typical Thursday morning in deed. When we woke up this morning and saw the snow, visions of being cramped up in the house all day crossed through my head. Josh had to work and I couldn't let Noah crawl around in the snow while we were outside playing and so I thought this could be a very long day. Then Katey called and off we went to play in the snow. After all I went and visited Katey the last time it snowed so it only seemed natural to spend our snow day with them. Mimi came with us so she could stay inside to watch Noah. They sat inside with Mee maw and Burke. Then us girls headed out to play!

Here are the girls all bundled up and ready to head out.
Noah is completely jealous he can't go out to play.

Trying to get the door open!
Adalyn and Meredith getting ready for a snowball fight.This morning when Katey called she invited us to go sledding. I have to say she is such a fun mom. Here she is pushing the girls on our first attempt....the cardboard sled.And here she is pushing them again on the top of a rubbermaid container sled....she is a genius!And our third and final sled, the water skiing sled. She called Pee paw who happened to have one and filled it with air and ran it over. Here they are getting ready to go down the hill.....Whee! They only tumbled out once. Then Jeff got home and brought pizza. After a quick break to eat and dry off our clothes, we headed back out for more fun. He helped the girls build a great big snowman. Poor Josh was still stuck at work.

Here is the snow man with the finishing touches....See his earmuffs, eyes, nose and mouth!
Then before we headed in we made snow angels.
They were soaked, but had so much fun!
Then Mr. Jeff pulled them home!

Thanks Katey for having us over to play! It was a blast, Meredith came home exhausted and can't wait to do it all again tomorrow! I guess she will be quite disappointed when she wakes up and all the snow is gone!


Julia said...

Y'all are both fun moms... sledding?! I thought I was doing good to get a snowman up! I won't let Grace see your pics!

Adalyn's World Views said...

So are you making fun at my determination to take them sledding?