Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vampires, Santa, Shots Oh My!

This week has been busy. I have been so sick with this cold thing that has plagued my family and the city. Everyone I know has it, had it or will probably get it. I got a shot of antibiotics yesterday and honey it is still sore today. My husband also called me in some as well. I am finally able to feel a little human again. Thank gawd!

Then I have been absorbed in the Twilight series. Hands down, best books I have ever read. I loved them. I normally am so not the vampire type. In fact I hate all that magical, immortal type of stuff. I never read Harry Potter and I have only seen a handful of the movies for Josh, because he got way into them. But Twilight is my Harry Potter.

After hearing about how fabulous they were and how hard to put down from everyone like one of my best friends, to my hairdresser, to a man at the grocery store, I still didn't try them out until I saw the movie. Which I really went to see to get out of the house on the girl's night. But I was so in love with the story and Edward that I rushed right out and bought the book.

After reading the first one, I was so absorbed in the book, I immediately bought the series in hardback because I want to keep them. I literally couldn't put them down, which is great that I was so sick because it really gave me a good excuse to just lay in bed and read. I'm not sure who fixed lunch everyday Noah or Meredith, but they survived. Seriously I did so fix lunch, and change Noah's diapers and occasionally throw a bottle his way and I was definitely guilty of popping in a movie, giving Noah a magazine to shred and laying on the couch with my book and also supervising that no one got hurt or went too hungry.

Thankfully I finished the last book last night. I say thankfully because I was pretty sure Josh was going to put me out if not. Since reading became my second priority after taking care of the kids as my first, the laundry, cooking and general housekeeping were dead last on my priority list. Right above showering and brushing my teeth. Sorry honey, no more sandwiches or take out....I'll start cooking again I promise. Thank goodness I had that cold to fall back on as an excuse.

So now I will begin all the things I have been neglecting, like Christmas cards, blogging, housework, etc, etc. I know why can't Stephanie Meyer write another book real quick. I couldn't wait to finish and see what happened and now after 2000+ pages I wish they were more. Thank goodness my husband is taking me on a date to see the movie...again. He hasn't seen it and I think he will enjoy it, I will definitely enjoy seeing Edward Cullen again and wishing he would bite my neck. Awe every woman's dream.

Onto other news besides my latest obsession.....yes even blogging took a back seat. Today my little Noah man also got a mean does of shots, say some prayers that my bean pole will feel better soon and gain a little weight. Little man is in the 75% for height and 5% for weight....not a great combination, but I know if he would stay still for one millisecond to eat or drink some milk he may just fatten up again. Oh does he take after his momma.....hovering at the 20.5lb mark. That is exactly what I did for several months. I can still hear the anxiety in my mother's voice when she talks about how I wouldn't eat and wouldn't gain weight and so on and so forth.

And then there is Santa. Tonight Santa is paying a visit to our house. He is also bringing gifts to my two munchkins. I can't wait to see if they light up with joy or scream in terror! Tomorrow night my husband will play Santa for 6 other families. It is a fundraiser for my garden club and a really awesome one at that. I know my husband loves this even though it may not sound so fun. He gets lots of warm cookies for him and his elf driving him around. I'll take some pics of my two little tikes with Santa and then some of my Santa. I also promise to post some birthday pics soon....I still can't believe my baby is one!


The Owen Family said...

I am on page 25 of the first book. My sister in law and friend talked me into reading them. I will let you know how it goes! Anything to distract me from my current situation! Also, just to make you feel better, both Thomas and Logan were the 75 for height and only 5 for weight, they might even still be. I worried and worried, but that is just their make up. So don't worry too much. I hate growth charts! They give me anxiety! ha!

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued about the books and jealous cause I need a girls night out, it's been a long time....


Angela said...

God, the Twilight books took over my life for about 10 days. I seriously could not put them down. I finished them with the same feeling you did- wishing that she would write more. I agree that they are probably the best books I've ever read. Sure, some people say that they are not worthy of being called that when you have books like Wuthering Heights, etc., but I LOVED them. I'm so glad you read them, too. :)