Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tickled pink....what she says

"mom can you make me pink?"


"I wanna be pink mom"


"because I no want to be dis color no more, I wanna be pink"

"what color are you?"

"ummm dis color.....ummm white.....but I want to be pink"

"bug I can't make you pink, you just have to be this color and it is really close to pink."

"NO IT'S NOT!" Pinkalicious is pink....I wanna be pink....make me pink mom please"

DAMN you Pinkalicious! Damn you!

Those were pink cupcakes we made in an honest effort to turn her didn't work. She was crushed. DAMN you again Pinkalicious. As a compromise I am going to paint her room pink and redo it for her birthday....she is thrilled....I kid you not!

I told Josh since Meredith is outgrowing her clothes and will inevitably need new spring & summer clothes (because spring is summer here), I am making sure they are all pink. Everything will be pink. In fact I may just buy 7 of the same outfits in pink and wash and rotate. I am sick of the battle of only wearing pink. We have two pairs of pink sweat pants and if they are clean you can bet that is what we are wearing and if I don't buy pink summer clothes she will without a doubt throw massive fits to wear her pink sweatpants in the summer. And those pants are paried with one of her 3 pink shirts, her pink shoes, pink socks if we can find them and her pink snow hat if I let. Yes, the child really wants to be pink....damn you Pinkalicious!

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