Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet kisses for his momma!

Today it was just Noah and I hanging out in the living room. His big sister was upstairs sleeping so he had me all to himself. Maybe that is why he only napped for 45 minutes. So we were playing and he was practicing walking and trying to get into a standing position on his own and then he walked over to me smacking his lips while looking up to me. I leaned down and he plopped the biggest open mouth kiss right on my lips. Then he hugged me and said "Awwww". Talk about melt a momma's heart.

After this he did it again, but this time he said "Bye-bye Ma-ma". I guess he was trying to get back to Mimi's house. It was a sweet gesture though, at least he wanted to give me a big kiss before he left.

This evening Carrie, our babysitter (who is a Godsend), offered to take Meredith to dinner at Chuck-e-cheese to get her out the house and give Josh and I a break. She was so excited when Carrie got here, she ran right to her and jumped into her arms. They quickly told us goodbye and headed out the door. With that Noah gave me another hug and told me "bye-bye" and then pointed to go out the door with Carrie and Meredith. He started to cry when I told him he wasn't going. He truly was broken hearted. Thankfully Mimi and Papa arrived at the same time to drop off snack for Meredith's school tomorrow. He was happy to just be held by Mimi instead.

Noah, Josh and I then had a quiet evening full of fever, sneezes, runny noses and a delicious dinner brought by a good friend.

Thanks Neely and Carrie - I appreciate the help tonight!

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