Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where have I been?

Well in a nutshell I have completely lost my mind. Truly. In case you don't do facebook or heard through the grapevine, Josh and I have decided to move. Not out of our quaint little town in southern Mississippi, but to a different neighborhood. In fact we made an offer, it didn't all pan out, which is fine....however it finally lit the match under our asses to get the ball rolling. Really who can buy or build without selling what they have first? So with that our home is for sale. If you are interested email me. If you know someone interested email me too. If you just want to tell me what a crazy, ridiculous thing this is to do, get in line behind my dad and again email me. No my dad hasn't said this is crazy, but I'm betting he might think it is.

Yes my house is huge and gorgeous and everything I ever dreamed it would be. If I could pick it up and move it into the neighborhood I want it in, life would be perfect. So that is where I've been. I showed my house once this week and it took everything right out of me. I can't imagine doing that for months, so wish us luck and then wish us luck in finding a new house.

I'll be back, we had a busy weekend and I have pics to share.


jennlagdavis said...

OOD LUCK!!!! I know how crazy it is to keep your house in "showing order" and add two tykes and it becomes impossible!
We'll keep our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you.

jennlagdavis said...

now I see I can't type well -- it should have read GOOD LUCK!

mandi said...

Thanks Jenn!