Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Mom!!!

Yeah I just wanted to let you know I got up here again.
YAY!!!!! And then he claps for himself proudly!
My little Noah is quite the handful.....mischievous, daring, adventurous and for all of those things every bit as lovable. The other day he was touching the dvd player for like the 8739th time, and I corrected him for like the 12,942th time and then for the first time I slapped his little hand and firmly said "No....No touch!" Not hard, but enough to mean "no touch". He looked at me like I had suddenly grown three heads and was speaking Greek. He then went right back to the dvd player. So I redirected him to another room and like usual that worked.

Today we went to lunch with Mimi. I took Noah's cup away after he decided to pull the straw out and make a mess. I firmly said no and put it way out of his reach. He stood up in his high chair, leaned over and slapped me on the hand and said "nah!" I guess he did take in more than I thought the other day, too bad it was very ineffective for both him and I. I didn't give in to the slap, he then stuck that bottom lip out and the waterworks began. Life is so hard.


jennlagdavis said...

sounds like Noah is acting like your typical boy. the obsession with the dvd player will never end. mikey is 2 and still feels the need to touch the open button on ours daily. :)

Amy said...

That bottom lip is the worst!!! I can't handle it. My heart breaks into a million tiny pieces; Oh, discipline will be something I will have to work on:) Noah is adorable!