Thursday, April 30, 2009

Start your engines....

The renovation begins tomorrow. But before they could start we needed brick......and low and behold look what showed up today.

This was a dream come true for a Noah, an 18 wheeler parked in front of his house with a tractor on it too!

Noah watched as the man unloaded the little tractor thing and he was amazed!

Then we watched as it drove the brick all the way up the driveway, we even walked over and peered around for a closer look.

At one point, Meredith came and squatted in front of Noah blocking his view of the "Vroom, Vroom!" He didn't fuss, he just got up and moved over for an unobstructed view.

Oh my beautiful Old Chicago brick.

Telling the truck "Baahh!" or bye....but if you use the Mississippi twang, it is more of a Baahh! This was a sad moment for Noah. It isn't everyday an 18 wheeler pulls up to your house. And for you Noah, I made sure I documented it!


Julia said...

That's some pretty brick! I'd be excited too Noah!!

Amy said...

The look on Noah's face is priceless!!! That is too cute:)