Sunday, May 3, 2009

I don't know what happened... but I like it!

For the past several months, my tikes are at the age where they can both play. Notice I didn't say play together, because Noah's playing is not sophisticated enough for Meredith's taste. However Noah is at an age where he can play by himself or more so wants to play with his big sister. This normally resorts to lots of fighting, mainly due to the fact that Meredith doesn't want Noah touching what she is playing with, Noah is not playing like Meredith wants him to play, or Noah gets frustrated and starts biting or pinching....which causes screaming and tantrums on both ends.

However something happened this weekend....the tikes actually played together. Maybe it is because Noah is bigger or talking more. Or Meredith realized most of the time he is a really good play mate. Or maybe they realized their dad was working all weekend and their momma needed a break. I'm not sure what it was, but damn do I like it.

Yesterday they played with stack able cups forever, then they played with the ponies, the took turns pushing each other in the stroller and this morning they played for 3 hours together without one fight! They hid in the closet and read books, they played with the train table and babies, they played with trucks and cars and they played and played and played.

I hope this trend continues forever.


Brandi said...

That is so sweet :)

The Owen Family said...

So cute! My brother and I played. I was 18 months older and made him play "Jamie and John"..basically that meant we played house and I was Jamie and he was John. WE also played Barbies and He-Man, his He-Man would marry my Barbies. We played all sorts of things, we also drove each other crazy, well he drove me crazy!! Overall, though he was definitely my favorite playmate!