Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is it friday yet?

Did I mention we are going back to the beach? Well we are, because after multiple weeks of remodel hell....I lost count.........the kitchen is STILL not finished. I'm not sure it ever will be. Part of my daily routine is waking up, getting two kids up, making sure everyone potties and is changed, making oatmeal, calling the contractor to bitch, calling my husband to bitch about said contractor, then making my husband call said contractor back to get the job done.

Yes, I fear my morning routine or daytime routine will never be the same. The new daytime routine involves cleaning after kids and workers, patrolling the kids and the workers, fussing at the kids and workers and at the end of the day losing my mind.

It is no longer strange when my 3 year old says out loud in public, "momma da men STILL at my house?" Because we both know what men she is talking about and for the sake of all things holy in the world, yes they are still at our freaking house.

I'm not sure they will ever leave, which is better than them leaving before the job is done. Although the hefty balance of money we owe them is also a key factor in that, but that is NOT incentive enough for them to move their asses faster. No way. I am convinced men have one speed and it is not my speed, that is for damn sure.

So I am hoping that the week after I come home from the beach, the kitchen will be finished. Yes, you heard that right, not that when I come home it will be finished, but that it will get finished the week after the beach. Because in this process of remodeling or renovating, I have learned a very valuable lesson, do not let them work when you are out of town. For several reasons...
1. they don't show up on time
2. sometimes they don't show up at all
3. they never do what they are supposed to do and will only have to fix it when you get home
4. chances are they won't even fix it correctly and you will have to wind up fixing it your self
5. no one respects your stuff, so make sure you are there to demand the respect.

Oh internets won't you be happy when this is all over with and we can go to more trivial post about breakfast and pottying or something. I can't wait until I am out of remodel hell. So that is it in a nut shell. You may get before and after pictures before the new year, but don't count on it.

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Lisa P said...

Ah, reminds me of an Olivia story. Ever see the Curious George episode about beavers? It refers to them as dam builders several times. As luck would have it, our contractor was working on our house that week. Olivia asked if he was a dam builder. Why yes he is, my sweet.