Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look what we have been sporting all over town

Yes, a big, black eye!

The other night we were all in the back yard being thoroughly entertained by the new bubble machine, when all of a sudden Noah was no longer sitting on the step but was now lying on the ground screaming. It took .02 seconds for him to reach over and try to grab the bubble machine and go tumbling down the two brick steps.....apparently he scratched his face and hit his eye on the way.

It sounded as bad as it looks and trust me it was bad.
His eye is starting to look much better. People still comment everywhere we go and he just smiles and plays it up for them. I think he loves the attention.
I am fairly confined that an ER will find us there soon......good grief this boy makes me nervous.


Amy said...

Oh no! Poor Noah! I fear I will have a little daredevil as well....VERY NERVOUS!

Jaimie said...

My poor little guy!!!!!