Monday, July 6, 2009

The big apple

This weekend I took a quick trip to the Big Apple. I am a city girl at heart I tell ya, I was just born in the wrong place. Oh New York, how I would love to live there. But since I am a Southern girl, back home in the South is where you will find me. My trip was awesome. I would suggest that you grab a group of girls and head to the Big Apple as soon as you can. It is a trip you don't want to miss and something you just have to see and experience at least once in a lifetime, or in my case several times.

However this post is not going to be about the trip. This post is about what happened while I was away. While I was in Times Square taking in the sights, shopping on 5th Avenue, in Little Italy sipping wine, enjoying some shopping, dining and a street fair at the Seaport, watching the fireworks over the Hudson, drinking a beer in Hell's kitchen and at an Irish pub, having a beer at the boat house after walking through central park, having brunch at Tavern on the Green and perusing the shops in the kids were home being taken care of by their dad.

I walked in this morning at 8am after spending the night at my sisters and going to bed at 2:30am then waking up to drive home 2 hours, due to a flight delay and I have to say I was happy and overjoyed to see the tikes and my husband and then I looked around and I was awe.

I was shocked to see how much my kids had changed in 4 days. Meredith was a little taller and her cheeks were slightly less rounded. She looked older. Noah was a little taller, his hair a little blonder and even more handsome than when I left to go. The kids were sharing and playing together and Josh reported not a fight happened while I was away. And then I looked around and the house.....the house was freaking meticulous. I want him to know that when I walked through the door I noticed and I thought to myself how the hell does he do it? Although honestly I ask myself that several times a day, because if you know know he is a hell of a man, a hell of a dad, and a hell of husband.

Josh made what I do day in and day out look easy. He had no help, besides a babysitter Friday while he went to work. There was no one to take the kids for 5 minutes so he could have a moment to himself. For over 96 hours it was just him and them. He was responsible for preparing, serving and feeding the tikes 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, he gave 4 baths, brushed 2 sets of teeth 8 times, changed approximately 20 diapers, read numerous books, sang the goodnight song 4 times, did laundry, the dishes all on his own. He was the mom and the dad.

Not only did he do all of that, but when I walked in the house it was immaculate. The kitchen was clean, the living room and their bedrooms. He even did several batches of clothes and had them all folded and ready to put away. He took Meredith to get new shoes and weaned Noah from his nap time bottle.

He took the kids to the zoo, the donut shop, the bookstore, swimming, to target and for several walks around the block. He accomplished several things on my to do list that I never got done. He didn't stop and get fast food once, he not only managed to keep the kids healthy and thriving, but he made it look easy. He handled it like no other. I can't even do it all that well when he comes home everyday at 5. I know my husband is one of the many great dad's out there, but this weekend he proved that he is at the top of that list.

Thank you honey for an amazing weekend with the girls. I appreciate all you do and wanted to brag a little.....or a lot!

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