Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can I buy a vowel please?

Last night as we were heading in from playing in the back yard the kids stopped short in front of the television. I continued on to begin getting ready for the bath and bedtime routine. It was a quarter to seven and the tv was tuned to Wheel of Fortune.

My two tikes parked their little fannies in front of Pat and Vanna.....are they even still on their? I didn't even notice. Anyway they parked their rears and stared in amazement, watching the remainder of the show. Every time the audience clapped, so did they. Meredith repeated every letter they asked for and Noah tried to repeat her. The clapping and giggling went on for the full 15 minutes.

Josh and I had to stop and watch them to figure out what they were clapping at, at first. Then we watched in amazement. They were like two little zombies who couldn't resist the show or the clapping.

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Amy said...

I have that exact same thing happening at my house, except instead of kids it's my mother & father-in-law. WOF is like church in their house. You do not speak while it is on, and they both are sort of comatose throughout the whole show. Unless they're screaming out answers of course.