Monday, August 17, 2009

What she says.....Three year old drama

This truly happened....

"Meredith if you keep it up we will not read books tonight......I mean it, we will just say prayers and sing the goodnight books.....stop throwing a fit or WE WILL NOT READ BOOKS!"

Well lately I realized I am a big ball of threats that are not carried out......the fit continued.

"That's it, no books tonight. Let's go march up the books"

"BUT I WANT BOOKS.....WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Nope, sorry, I told you, you were going to lose books....that's it."

She stops crying, we brush her teeth, she climbs in her bed, I climb in too, she is actually smiling, we sing the good night song, I say her prayers with her, I give her a big kiss and go to leave the room. The wailing starts.

Josh explains..."Meredith, Mommy is not reading you a book, here are your books, you can read them if you want, but you lost that privilege tonight. Do you know why?"


All of this because I filled a pink sippy cup for her to bring to bed and she wanted the princess one. When I refused to switch and dirty an additional cup she lost it, she never recovered, despite the fact of losing her "mommy reading books to me" privilege. Life is never dull.

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Deb said...

Hi there! Glad to find another survivor from the 2 under 2 club (mine are 16 and 29 months).

My oldest just started in on the wanting a specific cup, plate, whatever. Usually I can predict or he asks in time. Otherwise, it's tough luck at this camp, too.