Monday, September 7, 2009

The ants coming marching 10 by 10....

After a very busy, but very fun weekend....Monday rolled around.   Even though it is a holiday and I have an extra set of hands home to help with the Monday, it is still a Monday.  Since Noah went to bed at 6:30pm last night due to skipping his nap, he was up bright and early at 7am.  This was not his usual 8:30am, therefore I was forced to drag my tired ass out of bed an hour and half earlier than usual.  It nearly killed me since I couldn't sleep last night.  Josh had left to do rounds so he could get back home and spend the day with us, otherwise I would have made him get out of bed and get him.

So after I fetch a Noah man, we got in my bed to snuggle.  Noah's idea of snuggling and my idea of snuggling are very different.  Before long we heard Ta-ta coming down the steps and that was when I decided to get up and make oatmeal....much to Noah's delight. 

As I opened the pantry door there they were.  Hundreds, or thousands maybe.  They were having a standoff  and I was armed with my Method cleaner...what else should I have used around all the food?  The war on the ants began.  Thankfully the kids didn't pick up on my anxiety or start screaming with me.  They took the ants in stride and looked at me like I had officially lost all of my marbles.  If Josh would not had arrived on the scene and confirmed it, I may have thought I was seeing things, that's how lax the children's responses to the ants were.  Yes, even my Meredith who cannot stand a tiny bug within a 25 foot radius of her, did NOT react to the ants.

So there went my Monday, by 8am, I had made 3 bowls of oatmeal (2 for my growing boy and 1 for Meredith), unloaded an entire pantry of food, threw out 4....yes 4 garbage bags full of ant infested foods or foods that were at least a year or two out of date.  I had wiped down the entire pantry with bleach cleaner, used several of my finest choice words, text my husband about the dire ant/pantry situation and begged him to leave his patients in the ICU and come and help me....for the record he didn't. And cried...I did I cried over the ants.  I even thought about putting the house up for sale, because at that point it seemed easier than getting rid of them.  All of this by 8am. 

Yes, it is a Monday.  I don't even know what holiday it is today, because by golly I celebrated it yesterday and today was a typical Monday morning at work for me.  Stay at home moms don't get holidays, vacation time or sick leave.  I think I may put in a phone call to the union sometime today....oh wait I bet they have the day off.  I guess I'll quit crying now and go back to battle the ants.  I googled how to kill ants, but those websites weren't very optimistic and were making me realize just how many ants were hiding below the surface where I couldn't see.  My Monday morning had been bad enough already without reading I quit.  

Anyone have any advice on how to get rid of them?


Amy said...

Holy Geez!!! Wow, no advice for you love, unfortunately, but what a feaking mess!!!
I would have cried too. AND demanded my husband leave sick patients to deal with the infestation!

I am currently living and working with my inlaws. Vacation time??? What's that? And over stepping instrusive behavior abounds! Not sure if my brick floor kitchen is worth all this. I feel your pain is what I'm trying to convey.

So cheers honey...I'm toasting a HUGE glass of red wine to you tonight. I really hope your Tuesday is much better.

mandi said...

Oh Amy,if we lived closer to one another we could often share a bottle of wine (or hell each bring our own) and commiserate together!