Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 4 - Rock City on top of Lookout Mountain

On our last full day in Chattanooga we headed back to the top of Lookout Mountain, but this time in Georgia to see Rock City.  This place is so gorgeous and worth the visit.  The kids were very in to climbing up the steps and into the caves.  The scenery was gorgeous and I took hundreds of pictures, here are a few of my favorites!

No idea why I am sporting the Chicago sweatshirt!  I've never even been!

The kids on their favorite thing, the swinging bridge.  It was a very long way down.  It didn't phase them at all.

Josh was very nervous though!

They wanted to go again, so Josh took them. Notice Noah trying to see down...brave, fearless boy!

Josh and the tikes on Lover's Leap, isn't the view gorgeous!

We let the kids sift for gold, they thought this was really neat.  Noah dumped his entire bag of sand and rocks in at once.

Meredith took her time.

Noah with his treasure!

Josh heading through "fat man's squeeze"

Meredith heading through "fat man's squeeze"

Me and my boy with a gorgeous view!

Meredith loved Fairyland Caverns

On the way out we stopped in a hand made leather store.  Noah got a new belt with his name on it, to help him hold up his pants...that are all too big!

And Meredith modeling her new leather purse!  A diva in the making!

We finished off our trip by heading back to our hotel where we dined on pizza in a train car and then played in the indoor pool and with some of the other kids there.  The tikes had a blast and said the trip was as much fun as Disney World!  It is a great family trip.  Let me know if you have any questions.  The next morning we headed home bright and early and while I was sad to see our vacation end, it's alway good to be home!

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