Monday, April 5, 2010

I promise I'm no Bree Vandercamp Hodge

But I do belong to a garden club here is South Mississippi and on Good Friday we attended the annual Garden Club Easter egg hunt.  The kids had a lot of fun.  All dressed up for the egg hunt!

My kids cooperated so well for pictures that day.  Josh wasn't able to take off so it was just me, my big belly and them!

Noah was actually sitting still for a few minutes, I wasn't sure why.  Then I realized he was eating Easter candy out of his basket from last year.  Mother of the year award is on it's way!

Enjoying Lunch!

Even the bunny came to visit!

Noah didn't want to go anywhere near the bunny, but "I wuv him momma" is all he kept saying.  He wanted to make sure his basket was filled Easter morning.

Noah hunting for eggs!  I have none of Meredith hunting because she was too busy running with her friends.  She is growing up way too fast.  That's why I am keeping Noah as my baby.

Her tattoo she got at the egg hunt.  When we got home I realized she had a fever of 103, you can tell she wasn't feeling well here.

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Carrie Tilley said...

These are such great pictures... The spring colors look so good on them....they are very much growing up to fast!!!! I'm still waiting on a new picture.... I love how mere knows that the easter bunny is just a person dressed up as a bunny....