Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter done the fancy way!

This Easter was a little different than others we have done in the past.  Normally we wake up, head to church or attempt to, last year no one told us they changed the time of mass.  Then we head over to my mom and dad's where she traditionally fixes Easter lunch.  However, this year I decided to host it.  The last time I did was when Meredith was born and we were home from the hospital 2 days.  So I decided the menu would be brunch.  Meredith was a little curious as to what "brunch" was.  I explained it was a fancy word for breakfast food for lunch!  She loved it and so a "fancy breakfast/lunch it was!" 

She wanted to know since we were having a fancy brunch if we could use the fancy china.  Why of course!  I mean what else do you do with it besides sit it in your cabinet after you get married.  So that morning, Meredith woke up with 103 degree fever and in true Easter fashion we again missed mass....the most holiest day of the year.  We got dressed up in fancy clothes anyway and planned for a fancy lunch.  The menu included homemade biscuits, pancakes, eggs, quiche, cheese petite fours, grape salad, bacon and sausage.  Thanks to my husband and mom for making it happen!

Of course the bunny came first.

Meredith woke up at 6:30am, not sure if she was excited about the bunny or it was the very high fever.  Notice it is still dark outside!

Noah got up an hour and a half later, that's my boy!  I think he was a little confused about this bunny thing.  It was actually daylight then!


He perked up when he realized there was candy underneath all those markers, crayons and toothbrush!

After we indulged ourselves on sugar we got ready for our fancy lunch or brunch!  Meredith even put on her fancy Easter dress, since we didn't get to wear it at church that morning.  Noah wasn't taking off his jammies!

They were thrilled to be using their fancy silver cups and forks!

We used the china and all the Waterford crystal.  We also used Aunt Jemima bottles and coke cans, because we are so fancy like that!

After our delicious meal we changed into our unfancy clothes and headed out for an Easter egg hunt.  Then we died eggs!  Or in Noah's case we just kept our jammies on.

Noah reminded me of a mad scientist

Once we finished with the eggs, we painted our new tea sets that Nanny got us for Easter. Thank you Nanny!

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