Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cowboy day at school

On Friday Meredith had cowboy day at school.  This was actually our second cowboy day, since we jumped schools mid-year.  But that's okay because we have the cutest cowgirl gear around.  The kids not only dressed like cowgirls and cowboys, but they also ate cowboy food.  I signed up to bring Capri Suns because we all know how those cowboys LOVE Capri suns.  I also volunteered to bring anything they may be lacking for their cowboy meal, the teacher asked if I minded bringing some corn-beef hash.  I had no clue what that was.  I used the wonderful tool of  facebook to send her teacher a message asking what it was and where one might find this particular cowboy food.  Luckily this stuff came in a can and was easy to find.  My little cowgirl even tried it....she is so NOT her mama's daughter, because I wouldn't have even attempted it at her age or now. 

The rest of her cowboy meal included baked beans, bread, beef jerky and an oatmeal raisin cookie.....and don't forget that Capri sun....a very important part of a cowboy meal! 

Here is my little cowgirl....HEE HAW!

And her baby sister just sat in awe watching as she did her posing.  So we let her get in the next one.  She is so hunched over because her latest method to move from here to there is to scoot her booty on the wood floor while sitting up.  She leans over, moves her hands forward and then pulls her booty and chunky thighs forward.  It's adorable!  Here is the world's best big sister and her baby.

Enjoying her cowboy lunch at school.

And here is cowboy day at her old school back in September....I have to say she is a really cute cowgirl.

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