Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meredith's first father-daughter dance

It seems like only yesterday my dad was toting me to my father-daughter dance.  No really, it does.  Am I old enough to have a child to be sending off to her own....I guess I do.  Sniff....Sniff.   So Saturday night was the big date.  We ordered the dress, grabbed some last minute shoes, borrowed some very costume jewelry from the babysitter
(unbeknown-st to me....thank you very much Carrie.)  And we did a sprinkle of makeup....and I mean a sprinkle.  Although someone....uh-hm Carrie....also gave her a little of that, so she also put on a sprinkle before I got a hold of her.  But none the less I have to say my baby looked beautiful and like a little lady.  She glowed with excitement and came home beaming from ear to ear over how much fun she had. 

Her dad was also very excited about his date and said he looks forward to doing this again and again and again.

My baby girl.....getting too big too fast.

Getting her dad to do the famous Meredith pose.

Pinning on his boutonniere

And attaching her father/daughter dance....tomorrow prom.

Her first dance date was a double date too.  Here is she is with her gorgeous little friend Grace.

With their dads ready to head to the fancy restaraunt....Olive Garden.....girls choice!

I'd say she was having a good time.

Dancing with her friends.

They had a table where she could make a mask.

And here is the room full of girls and their dads....well the dads are somewhere right?   I guess they are like thirteen year old boys and stand around the perimeter of the room too.

When she got home she was just as excited as when she left and a little bit tired.

She started showing me how she danced.

And then she broke out in a rap song of some kind.....Peace out baby!


Julia said...

Cute pictures!!!

Amanda said...

Precious. She looked beautiful!

Southern Girl and family said...

so sweet!! It is sad because it seems like they are growing up so fast! BTW - LOVE your blog!! :) Kelly

Carrie Tilley said...

Oh M, you are growing toooo FAST!!!! Sorry, I aided in the growing up part with makeup and VERY fancy jewlery!!!! I did not intend for her to wear it to the father/daughter dance, but it worked. I intended if more for for dress up. I'm glad she got her use of it. Also, you should be glad I only sent her home with the amount of makeup I did. I actually had a ton more saved for her, but threw it away a while back. Oh and after she asked to live with me that Saturday...she told me to start saving all my makeup and jewlery that I did not want for her! Best babysitter of the year award. I mean, how many kids ask to move in with their babysitter???? Okay, I'm so good...I'd had several...ha ha ha but I'd only pick yours!