Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick of it...

I am sitting here typing this with my Kleenex box by my side, my nose running, my throat sore, my head aching and my eyes burning and I am longing for the days of summer, when no one is sick. 

Today is my 6th day with this cold.  The cold that came after the most awful stomach virus that has ever hit our family...pre and post tikes.  I am OVER it.  We have had RSV, fevers, the flu symptoms without the presence of the flu, bronchitis with breathing treatments, ear infections, more fevers, constant runny noses, the most awful stomach virus and kidney stones.  Dear Universe.....I have dealt with more than my fair take your sicknesses and shove it. 

My tikes are driving me crazy.  And I am not myself.  I'm exhausted, I'm irritable, I'm rundown and worn out.  I'm OVER IT!  Completely over it.  I long for the day that hearing my sweet children's voices at a high pitched squeal doesn't remind me of nails being scratched across a chalkboard.   I'm sick of being on edge and wanting to just retreat to my room with the door locked.  This is not me.  I thought about postpartum issues, but I am sure it is more cold and flu season issues.  I just want to feel well and while I am at it.....I am sick of my kids being sick.  Margot's nose has been a faucet that has been turned on since Halloween, and I am not exaggerating.  Poor baby has been so sick she probably has no idea what it is like to feel well and not have a fountain permanently attached to her face.

But despite all these illness that have plagued our family, we have managed to keep it real here. 

We have road monster trucks.

And we have gone bowling...

We got a jump start (thanks to garden club) and planted our spring garden.

 We have soaked up the beautiful weather outside.

We have gone fishing.

No we don't let illnesses keep us down.  I have tried convincing my husband to just blow up the house and build a new one.  I'm convinced that is the only way to get all the germs out.  Then once our house is rebuilt for insulation I'm going to just a cellophane type thing to keep it germ free.  Think that will work?  So Internets what has plagued your house this cold and flu season?


Julia said...

Still sick?? I guess it has just been so long, I assumed you were better!!

Blair said...

I feel ya on the being sick part. While we haven't (yet!) had RSV or the flu, we have had our fill with CMV, sinus infections, and the stomach bug! I am SO over being sick!!

I'll let you know how the new house works out for a germ free living. Something tells me that isn't going to solve our problem. Now bubble wrap on the other hand....

And I'm with you on the not being myself bit too. I questioned postpartum as well and even talked to my doctor about meds, but in the end we decided it was more CMV/sickness overload/sleep deprivation. It is getting better, but I still have my moments were "normal" loud kid behavior drives me over the edge. Hormones (even if they aren't the main issues) are a bitch! Chin up, we will be back to "normal" in no time.

At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

Amy said...

Man, I'm sorry you are having to deal with so much sickness! Sick kids are just the worst, and when you add a sick mama on top of that who has to care for the sick kids...well, it's no wonder you're worn out.

Don't worry love, warmer days are ahead. Colds and runny noses will leave, and you and the kiddos will be taking vacations and hanging out by the pool in no time! Ah, summer:)

In the meantime...can you go to the doc and get a cortizone shot & a Z pack? I was sick for literally 4 months last winter...couldn't shake it....and finally went in. Within 3 days of the shot and pills, I was completely back to normal.

Get well soon!!!