Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to school - Meeting the teachers

Today was "Meet the Teacher" day at my oldest two tikes school.  That's right I have two tikes going to big school.  Part of me is so freaking excited....woohoo....the bickering at home is ending.  And part of me is so sad....oh how I will miss those two boogers.  And part of me is overjoyed to get some one on one time with my littlest and I am pretty sure she will enjoy it too, even though I know she will shed many a tear as we drop those big ones off.

Noah excited to finally be going to big school.

Yes, Noah is going to big school and that is very bittersweet for me. Mainly because my boy is still so baby.  He needs me to dress him, brush his teeth, put on his shoes and wipe his little heiny.  And yes, those are all things he can do and is perfectly capable of, but things he still prefers his momma to do, because he is my baby.  His wife is going to love me one day.  He still uses that baby talk and baby voice and he is still so perfectly innocent.  I'm afraid big school is going to make him grow up a little and change some of those baby things.  However I know he needs gain some independence and a little bit of self-control (okay a lot) and I know it's time.  At least that is what my husband tells me.  And most importantly I know he is ready for school.  He loves to learn and he is so inquisitive.

He was a littler nervous, but once he went in to his classroom he was right at home.

And his teacher Mrs. V and her assistant Mrs. R seemed great.  I know he is going to have a great  year.

Meredith was pretty excited about starting first grade.  She loves her school and has had two fantastic years here.  She also loves her friends at school so she was more than happy to be going back to see them.  So yes, she was pretty excited about starting back, although I am sure she won't be come 6:30 Wednesday am.  Today though she was all smiles.  She was also excited to be moving to a new floor in her school.  She is going to the 1st and 2nd grade floor, which is a very BIG deal.

She was little shy when she went in to her classroom.  We located her desk and her teacher went over a few things with her.  Like what will happen first thing in the morning when she gets there.  Where she will sit, where her mailbox will be and how she will choose her lunch for the day.  I also realized she will be using real text books this  year, not just work books, but state issued text books.  She is very excited about accelerated reader, since she is reading anything and everything.  She has her own desk now, not just a table and she will have homework every single night.  It's the real deal now...spelling test, vocabulary words, math test....1st grade.  I know Mrs. G and Mere will have a great year.

After we met the teachers and dropped off the supplies we left with big smiles on our faces and a lot of paperwork/homework for me.  Noah cannot wait to go back.  He wanted to know how many sleeps until Wednesday and then told Mrs. V he would see her then.  I'm pretty sure he would have stayed with her all day today.  Meredith listened to all the homework rules, her weekly writer's suitcase assignment, the various tests and other work and decided that she wasn't so sure about 1st grade.  Josh and I had a good laugh and assured her she would be just fine.

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