Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm so not ready for this

I got the mail today and noticed that the papers from Meredith's preschool were in it. Yes, preschool at 2, but it is all the rage here. I have debated back and forth on this decision, I have listened to others input about it, I have discussed and rediscussed it at length with my husband, and I have sought advice from people who know my daughter very well......but in the end I let Meredith make the decision as to whether she would be attending preschool at 2.

I didn't come right out and ask her if she was ready, but I looked at her social, verbal and other developing skills and in my heart I know this will be good for her. It isn't like she is going off to college. Seriously it is 6 hours a week, 3 hours a day, 2 days a week, yet I am such a mess over this. And in those 6 hours that she will be in the care of someone else she gets to play with other kids, do art projects, play outside, have a snack, learn to share, follow directions, learn to work things out, and learn to communicate with other adults, learn to trust someone, and trust that mommy will always be back.

When I opened the letter informing me of starting dates, tuition rates, required materials, orientations information and other things, I got sick to my stomach. When I started filling out the registration sheets and emergency cards I wanted to throw up. Why? I guess this is not a normal reaction, but honestly I have NEVER claimed to be normal. But I am sad and I do feel sick because my baby is growing up. So fast. Seriously, it was just yesterday that she was born and now she is getting ready for preschool and dancing school. And she is so very excited. Hell I can still remember my first day of preschool and it is starting not to seem like it was light years ago. Oh how time flies.....I guess I need to let my baby start growing some wings.....tiny wings....wing buds.....but wings none the less.

It seems like just yesterday she came into this world....

and brought so much happiness into our lives.
Just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.....

and look at what a beautiful "big girl" she has become!

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Adalyn's World Views said...

she was so tiny!!! It is sad they are growing up.