Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just can't get enough

Tomorrow I am headed back into the ambulatory surgery center to have another stent placed. Wish me luck and say some prayers. Kidney stones are just a bucket of fun!

In other news I haven't shown my house again this week, who wants to take bets on a showing tomorrow? Anyone....yes that is how my luck goes.

Today Noah decided to squeeze his body through the iron rails at the top of the stairs to let me know, baby gate or not....he could get through. As if I didn't have enough on my plate my little Houdini.

Meredith had a great day at school today, when I went to pick her up she didn't want to leave, that is one for the record books. She loves school, but she always loves coming home too.....well she used to.

Tomorrow Miss Carrie is coming to babysit while I have my very minor procedure. The kids will think it is such a treat.....they have no's to hoping it is quick, easy and painless.

Also to my Pay it Forward people, I will email you guys as soon as all this kidney stone stuff is resolved. To everyone else thanks for the emails and prayers, I appreciate them. I also assure you I am not dying it just feels that way!


Blair said...

good luck today! I will say a prayer for you.

Amy said...

Hoping this is all over as soon as possible for you! Hang in there honey:)

Jess said...

Hope you get make it through quickly and pain free!

jennlagdavis said...

i hope the procedure went well - and you are enjoying a speedy recovery!