Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An ongoing battle - what she says

"Meredith, did you see what Marion was wearing today?"

She ignores me, while looking straight at me like I'm nuts....seriously

"Meredith, did you see what Marion had on today at the zoo?"

"A dress!"

"She did, didn't she look beautiful"


"Marion had on the most beautiful dress"

"And I had on the most beautiful shirt momma!"

At least I try! I really thought I had a few more years before she began protesting against dresses, I mean her beloved princess Aurora wears them. But nope not her, she will only put them on for church (because she thinks she has no choice) and if I bribe her (and most of the time that doesn't work either). Unfortunately for me all the other little girls in her class wear shorts and pants to school, so telling her she that she has to wear a dress to school doesn't really work. All those smocked dresses just hanging in the closet.....sigh!


laurie said...

sounds just like her mommy when she was little!!!!!

Olivia said...

Don't feel too bad---the dress is my bribe. it's either a dress, or marion goes places in full princess garb, crown and all. she is just as difficult to dress, she would just prefer her tutu to shorts or pants:)