Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Boy School

Noah started Mother's day out yeserday. He will start going one day a week again this year, however we are at a new school. The days just worked better with our schedule. He will also be doing more acitivities at this new school. He was really excited to get a "ba-pak" like his big sister! He was also thrilled that his "ba-pak" said "RAWWR!"

He is such a handsome man.....don't you think? His sister ready for her first day of dance class and Noah ready for school.

Mom, I can carry this by myself!

Look how cute he is.....ignore the mess around him.

Ready to go!
Noah did great at his new school. He loved the wagon ride and playing outside. He was fine the teacher said as long as they were doing stuff. I went to pick him up right as he was eating a big boy. His face lit up when he saw me and off we went. We will see how it goes again next Tuesday!


Amy said...

He is beyond adorable! And I'm LOVING that brick kitchen floor;)

laurie said...